Become Your Own Seed Bank

Each strain is representative of a specific lineage of cannabis and features unique properties and traits.

Collectible Genetics

Each collectible card features a glass vial of collectible seeds from that individual strain of cannabis. Many of these strains represent a specific geographical region or period in time.

Featuring genetics from all over the world including some of the most sought after favorites as well as many exclusive strains that are available nowhere else.


Types of Genetics

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We gather genetics from all over the world featuring those that have the strongest, healthiest plants. Each of these strains represents a piece of cannabis culture, some of them locally adorned and some of them worldwide superstars. It is our goal that this part of cannabis culture is not lost; but rather shared.
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Why Collectible Cannabis Seeds

Want to dig deeper into what makes each collectible unique?

Each collectible features custom artwork designed with the intention of capturing some of what makes that strain unique and a part of the history of cannabis. The back of the collectible card features facts regarding the genealogy of that specific strain as well as taste, classification and flowering time.

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